Thursday, January 06, 2011

I'm Packing My Bags... and Heading To Disney

I can't believe it. Disney Marathon weekend is here. I have so many emotions running through me, not to mention a pesky cold. I am so nervous about Sunday. I don't know why. I have put in all the training or as my friend Stacy would tell me "the hay is in the barn, girl" (said with an adorable southern accent).

I guess I just haven't been feeling 100% lately and don't want it to affect my performance. I have trained for 6 months to make this happen. I was so excited after completing my 20 mile training run, but then most of you know what happened next. Thankfully, I am not injured or really too sick to run. I have just been a bit down lately and skipped some training runs. I just need to get my confidence and positivity back. I can and should be able to complete this race. I don't know why I keep thinking 26.2 miles sounds so damn far... now. I shouldn't be scared or nervous. I should be excited and thrilled about this journey and accomplishment.

Disney has been sending all kinds of emails this week talking about what there is to see and do during the race. It should definitely be action packed, which is good. I could definitely use the distraction. Of course, packing has been a nightmare. I have a long list of things I need to put in my suitcase and gym bag. I am definitely over-packing for this weekend, but I don't care. I am driving over to Orlando, so I can fill my car. Plus, I want to be prepared for every possible scenario.

I do want to take a moment to thank my amazing friends and family who have supported me through this experience. I had no idea I had so many wonderful people in my life that will be there for me no matter what, whenever I need them. I have had a rough few weeks and the words of encouragement and hugs have been so helpful. Some may be coming over to Disney Sunday to watch me cross the finish line, which means the world to me that they would give up their Sunday and wake up way too early to be there for me. I appreciate and love all of you. And I can't wait to get together with the 30 or so of you who said you want to celebrate with me when I get home. We are going to live it up with some food and cocktails at Datz. YUM!

Disney is allowing people to track the progress of runners in all of the races this weekend. So if you know someone running, you can register at this link: Track A Disney Runner.

It won't be easy and I can't say I will be 100% healthy, but I look forward to giving the 2011 Disney World Marathon all I have, crossing the finish line (hopefully in under 5 hours) and getting a shiny new medal.
Good luck to all my those running the Disney half and full marathons this weekend. And to Stephanie, Anita, Julie, Erin and Ruben... we can and will survive the 26.2 magical miles.