Thursday, April 29, 2010

Let The Marathon Magic Begin!

So I have officially entered my first marathon this week - the 2011 Walt Disney World Marathon. They say it is 26.2 miles of magic, but my best friend and I will be the judge of that in January. We are both taking this journey together… and wow, what an adventure it will be!

Obviously, the shock of signing up has worn off a bit. Now, reality is setting in. This is going to be an emotional and rewarding journey. I'm excited, scared, nervous, worried and so many other feelings that it's hard to describe.

I've been working on my training schedule this week, which has been exciting. But I have to say, seeing 20, 22 and 24 mile runs on a calendar is SCARY! I keep thinking: Can I do this? Will my body allow me to do this? We will soon see. Right now, I'm just trying to stay as positive as possible. And it helps I can talk to my best friend about this because she's going through it too.

My goal for this marathon is simple: finish! When I registered on Monday, I put in 5 hours as my estimated finish time. I ran my first half marathon in February and finished in 2:23, so I figured 5 hours is an acceptable and obtainable goal. Well, Disney apparently has a lot more faith in me. After reviewing my entry and previous race times, Disney changed my estimated finish time to 4 and a half hours. I wonder what kind of "magical" marathon calculator they used to figure out that one. Either way, if Mickey Mouse and his cast of characters believe I can do it, I should try my best.

I will be updating this blog throughout my magical journey to 26.2 miles. I’m sure there will be some high points and low points as I push my mind, body and soul to do something most people wouldn’t even think of attempting. My official training starts in July. I’m giving myself six months to prepare for this. And it will all be worth it when I hit the finish line on January 9th (and instantaneous burst into tears).