Friday, April 30, 2010

Training Schedules Galore

Training... Training... Training... If I want to make it to 26.2, I'm going to need to put in some major mileage between now and there. There are so many conflicting training guides and schedules out there. As a novice runner, it's been a confusing and eye-opening experience. I've spent most of my week researching schedules, compiling my own calendar and then scrapping it and starting the process all over again. Now, after several versions and talks with some fellow runners, I have locked down a training plan that I hope will adequately prepare me for the race.

Now that the schedule is in place, you'd think I'd feel a bit more comfortable and on track. But seeing all those numbers on paper can be overwhelming. Most people will tell you your longest run pre-race should only be 20 miles. Personally, I don't think that's enough. I planned for 20, 22 and 24 mile runs before the race. I want to know my body and mind can go the distance ahead of time. It's a confidence thing. But that also means I will have three weeks where I will be running more than 40 miles in a 7 day period. I hope my knees and sanity can stay intact.

I want to thank everyone for supporting me on this journey. It's been amazing to receive so many well wishes and kind words from my friends. Keep them coming. I'm sure I'll need them when those 40+ mile weeks approach.