Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Trouble in Tally

Recovery week started out rough. I thought running less miles this week would give my already sore knees and IT bands a break, but then I decided to run in Tallahassee. I have been told several times that people from all over the world travel to Tally to train for races. I can believe it. The area is beautiful and the weather is usually reasonable, excluding the summer months, of course.

But after running 8 miles in the Capital City, I feel like a wimp. At one point I was running up hill and felt like I was barely walking, let alone running. However, my trusty Garmin said I was at the same pace I usually run. Weird, right? I know running hills helps with training, especially when it comes to strength and speed. Let's just say, I am thankful Tampa is pretty flat. I could barely walk or bend my left knee after running in Tally. Of course, I sucked it up and slowly made my way to Doak Campbell Stadium to see the Seminoles kick some butt. Go Noles!

Hopefully, after two or three days of rest, my knees will be good for a few five milers. Now if I could just get rid of this pesky cold. :(