Sunday, November 07, 2010

Marathon Training: Week 18

I have completed another week of training injury free. Hooray! I did, however, suffer a small casualty. One of the water bottles on my fuel belt popped off during one of my runs and was run over by a car. Of course, in the grand scheme of things, it is really insignificant. I can buy a new replacement bottle.

This week's training seems to be more about the mind, than the body. The New York City marathon is this weekend and there have been several inspiration and scary stories in the news. The article that really caught my attention was one about heart damage and marathon runners. Research shows that marathon runners do temporary damage to their heart while running the race. Your body recovers in three months, but that is still scary. But I will say that if Al Roker and Jared the Subway guy can finish the NYC marathon, I can finish the Disney marathon.

November is going to be a rough month of training. I have my two longest runs this month and a half marathon race. When I make it through, the hardest part of training will be behind me and I will officially be ready for the race. Of course, I will still have a month of running left, but I will be tapering off from my mileage dramatically. So here's to hoping for a healthy and successful month of training.