Monday, November 22, 2010

Marathon Training: Week 20

Week 20 came with some ups and down. First, the bad. The IT band on my left leg flared up. Never had an issue with that side before, but I listened to my body and rested. I skipped two training runs this week - a five miler and 8 miler. I also got a massage to help work everything out. It seemed to help and I felt good going into my half marathon race on Sunday.

Now to the good. My long run for the week was 13 miles. So to make it easier to track and get me in race mode, I signed up for the Women's Half Marathon in St. Petersburg. I was surprised to learn based on my estimated finish time I would be in starting corral #2. Thankfully, two friends who are also running the 2011 Disney Marathon were in the corral with me.

Overall, it was a good race. I got to see parts of St. Petersburg that I have never seen before, like the Pier. I made it through the first 10 miles feeling great, but then my IT band became an issue and slowed me down a bit. I will say I finished this race 11 minutes faster than my first half marathon, setting a new PR of 2:12:24. The finisher medal was also kind of cool. So I really can't complain. 

Speaking of cool, while picking up my race packet, I was able to get an up close view of what I have been training for. Disney was on hand with the medal for the 2011 marathon. It is massive and heavy. I can't wait to have one draped around my neck. I will probably cry like a baby when they do it, but it will be such an awesome accomplishment and I will be relieved to finally be done with training. Just seven more weeks to go.

I do think I have clued in on the IT band issue though. After two months and a couple hundred miles or more, I think I have worn through another pair of shoes.

I was hoping to get a new pair of shoes at the race expo, but the vendors did not carry my brand. BOO! I did find a place online that had my shoes on sale with free two day shipping. So I will have some new kicks by Wednesday. However, I think it is best that I take a small break from running, do some yoga and stretching and give my IT bands a break. I want to feel good and be able to fully run the marathon in January.