Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Motivation Arrives

I think the tide may be starting to turn. I am beginning to get a little excited about the marathon again. Yesterday some motivation arrived in my inbox and mailbox.

First, I received an email asking me to print out my waiver. Sure, I have to basically sign my life away before running the race but it also included my bib number. Very exciting. I am #7742.

Then when I arrived home, I found this in my mailbox. It is my hotel reservations packet from Disney; complete with luggage tags for me and my running mate.

For some reason this has made it more real to me. Yes I have been training for 5 months and know I signed up for the race. But with my hip issues the last two weeks, I have found it difficult to be excited or positive about the whole thing. Now, I feel like this has invigorated me and given me some focus, which I needed. I want to get back to a steady running schedule and am pushing myself to kick butt on my 20 miler this week.

I am starting to believe, once again, that I can actually run this thing. Just four more weeks to 26.2.