Friday, August 13, 2010

Marathon Training: Week 5

Another week is down and I'd like to say the running is getting easier, but it's not. I think I am just having a bad week. The 8 mile run at the beginning of the week was great, minus the major headache afterward because I didn't eat or drink enough following the big run. It was the weekday runs that got to me this week. I was slow waking up and getting out the door and felt sluggish and tired during the runs. The sad part is the runs were short; two 3 milers and one 4 miler.

I guess what I am learning is that everything going on in your life, good or bad - happy or sad, comes through in your running whether you'd like it to or not. If you're having a bad week personally, your running is going to be a struggle. I need to get better at letting things go, especially when I am training.

Despite all those outside issues, I completed all 18 miles this week and am looking forward to what the next week holds. The week ahead is actually a bit of a recovery week. Instead of adding miles to my long run, I am shaving miles from the long run to add to my weekday runs. So I will have one 6 miler, two 5 milers and a 4 miler. Should be easy enough to complete. I just need to keep a positive mindset and power through.