Friday, August 27, 2010

Marathon Training: Week 7

Cross another week off the training schedule. Week 7 is now complete. Overall it was a good week. It started with a 10 miler. And if you read my previous post, you know it went alright. I completed the distance in a decent time, but my hips started aching between miles 8 and 9 and were sore for the next 24 hours. It wasn't excruciating pain or anything like that. My muscles and joints were just a little tight. I guess I didn't stretch enough.

Mentally, I think I am ready for a half marathon. I'm running 12 miles next week, so I will put that theory to the test. However, I still can't imagine running a full 26.2 or even a 16, 18 or 20 mile training run, especially after being sore after 10. I guess I will have a better idea in 3 weeks. Training week 10 includes starts with a 14 miler. It will be the longest distance I have ever run and my first real step towards marathon distance. Hopefully I can survive. So, keep the positive thoughts and comments coming, I could really use them.