Friday, August 20, 2010

Marathon Training: Week 6

Another week of training down. Things are going well. I have put the 3 milers behind me. This week, my runs were all 4 miles or longer. And next week brings the double digit runs. I will say getting up early for training runs this week have been a bit spooky. Hitting the roads before 6am is starting to seem like a bad idea. Sure it is cooler, but it is also pitch black. I find myself constantly looking over my shoulder and worried someone is lurking behind a bush or something. The sad part is the longer the runs become, the earlier I will have to leave the house. I think it may be time to reconsider running in the evenings after work.

Another thing I think I may need to consider is getting a Road ID. The bracelet can be worn on your wrist or ankle. It can also be attached to your shoe. It has all your vital information and an emergency contact number. Um, that's another thing. I really need to find an emergency contact. Someone I know is going to be there and I can call should I get injured or something happens to me during my long runs. I had never really thought about it before now, but it may be important to have. Any volunteers?
I also need to start scouting new running routes, especially since I am just days away from my first double digit training run. I am one of those runners who prefer not to double back or take many twists and turns during runs. So I try to find straight, easy routes.

Here's to another injury free week of training. Positive thoughts! :)