Friday, August 06, 2010

Marathon Training: Week 4

I did it! I made it through the first month of marathon training. Only five more to go! The first month has been a pretty good one. I ran a total of 52 miles, of course that amount will double and triple as the months move on. So far there have been no major injuries or problems other than the ridiculous heat and lack of stretching.

Speaking of the unfortunate weather, it is really taking a toll on my training. I feel like I am running so slow and am instantaneously sweating as soon as I take my first step. Sure, people say that when the weather cools down I will pick up the pace and be stronger, but right now it is leaving me with doubts. Will I be able to able to endure a 26.2 mile run? If I run this slow during the race, will my knees give out on me? One of my friends told me the training process and marathon itself will be an emotional and physical roller coaster. You will have ups and downs, but you just need to focus and power through. I guess that is my problem right now - focus. I am letting too many outside elements enter my mind and effect my running. I really need to learn how to shut off my brain and go on auto-pilot if I plan on finishing the race in January.

I want to thank everyone for all their encouraging words and support. I know the training process is taking up a huge portion of my time. So I appreciate those of you who are asking how things are going, those who volunteered to go on training runs with me and those who say they are coming over to Disney to watch me cross the finish line. All that positivity keeps me moving in the right direction.