Friday, July 30, 2010

Marathon Training: Week 3

It was all about increases this week. First increase: I am now running four days a week.. This will be standing operating procedure until a week or two before the big race in January. Second increase: Mileage. Of course adding an extra day is going to up my mileage, but I am also upping the amount of miles on my weekend long run.

There were a few hiccups this week. I learned I really need to do more to stretch before and after training runs. My legs, especially my calves, are feeling the lack of care. And let me tell you, tight muscles are not good when you are running four days a week. I do yoga once a week, but I really should incorporate it into my weekly routine more often. I also realized that as much as I love BoingRobics, I may have to give it up soon. Jumping up and down for an hour is harsh on your knees and I can feel it when I run.

There were some positives this week too. Walt Disney World announced the 2011 Disney Marathon Medal. It's nice, not the one I voted for, but nice. I also had some friends tell me that they are thinking about coming over to Orlando on race day to support me on my journey. It would be awesome to have some familiar faces along the race route to help get me through, especially when I hit miles 18-22 which is when runners usually hit "the wall". Even if my friends don't make it out to the race, I am still appreciative that they are thinking about it. No matter what they decide, I know I am not alone in my marathon journey. I have some friends running the race, but more importantly, by best friend will be by my side running and feeling the same joy, pain, frustration and fatigue that comes with running a marathon.  Her fiancĂ© will also be there on the sidelines cheering us on.