Thursday, June 24, 2010

Mark Your Calendars: Gasparilla Distance Classic Registration Opens July 1st

Remember the date: July 1st. That is when registration opens for the 2011 Gasparilla Distance Classic. Race weekend is February 26th & 27th.  Races include a 5K and 15K on Saturday and a Half Marathon (possibly an 8K too) on Sunday.

Race weekend falls on the same weekend as a friend's wedding, but I'm going to make it work. Nothing is going to keep me from their ceremony, not even my running addition. However, I will be running races both days. I'm thinking since I will already have a full marathon under my belt, it will be time to up the ante once again. Right now, I'm thinking the Beck's Light Challenge sounds not only possible, but fun.

The Beck's Light Challenge has runners participate in both the 5K and 15K on Saturday. Followed by running the Half Marathon on Sunday. So really it's the same distance as a full marathon, but spread out among two days. In addition to getting finisher shirts and medals for each race, I will also get an additional medal and shirt for my crazy adventure.

There is also a Michelob Light Challenge, which doesn't sound half as scary to me as it use to. That challenge had runners completing the 5K and 15K on Saturday and the full marathon on Sunday. Now that the GDCA has scraped the full marathon, the challenge is rumored to consist of a 5K, 8K, 15K and the Half Marathon. If that's the case, the challenge is only five miles more than the Beck's Light Challenge. I think I could handle that.

The Gasparilla Distance Classic races are always a good time. The courses are nice and the food afterwards is good. Also, be sure to check out the health expo when picking up your race packet. You can get some great deals on gear and shoes. Most of the time, stores will sell last season's running shoes for half off. I always try to pick up a pair of shoes while I'm there, even if I'm not ready to retire my current pair.